This is Anfield


This is Anfield

Being a Liverpool FC fan as long as I can remember, the opportunity arose in November for me to make my Anfield pilgramage. Getting tickets was tricky, but as destiny would have it, the club put up some remaining VIP Hospitality tickets on its website, and I snapped them up.

Kirsten, who is proudly not a football fan, remained in Eastbourne with her grandparents for a couple of days, while I took the train north to Liverpool. The day before the game, I had an Anfield tour which was great, as we were taken behind the scenes and got to see the changing rooms, the famous “This is Anfield” poster, where the pre- and post-game interviews are conducted, and naturally we got to see Liverpool’s famous stadium and pitch, and got to sit in the dugout.

As for gameday, while the tickets were a tad pricey, they certainly turned out to be worth it for a first-time visitor. For starters, you get to Anfield two-and-a-half hours before the game and enjoy a five course meal which was really excellent – a true British feast (a variety of roasts, Yorkshire puddings, etc.). You then also get half-time “tea” and more sustenance after the game. Lunch was served in the Trophy Room which is exactly what the name says, and it was great to savour more of Liverpool’s famous history?

Once outside, the tickets included seating on the main stand and the seats were awesome, just 20 rows back, very central and the view of the pitch was great – the atmosphere, as expected, was awesome and the Kop gets really loud.

Sadly, Liverpool on the day (as they were for most of the 2011/2012 season) were dreadul and the game finished 0-0, but the experience was worth it and certainly exceeded all expectations?







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