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It's my birthday

It was my birthday this week, and it fell on a work day. Kirsten surprised me in the morning with some really nice gifts (fancy socks, a lovely CH bag for work - yes, I'm the p[...]

Chloé meets Tapi

With baited breath we let Chloé meet Tapi this weekend. Now, bearing in mind that Tapi takes great exception to strays and many cats in our community, we were somewhat anxious [...]

Welcome home Chloé

So it's official - we now have a new addition to the family, Chloé, who we adopted today. As you can see, Chloé's a beautiful Persian mix where she has all the fluffiness of a [...]

Mr. Tapi

If everything aligns properly, we'll be adding a new member to our family today: a soft, cuddly Persian kitten. But, so as not make the incumbent feel insecure, here's a video clip[...]

Enjoying the view..

Mars and I popped down to Al Qasr hotel at the weekend. The weather was so gorgeous that we just had to get down to Jumeriah and see the sea. We found the perfect spot on the b[...]

Put the boot in

We all left the deck to the sound of the piper, and walked up the little stone path to where our rooms where. there behind the rooms on a large garden opening, was a little oak tre[...]