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Sad circumstance brought us to Scotland with the passing away of Kirsten's great aunt. After a few days in Glasgow, where we attended the funeral, we made our way to Edinburgh and [...]

Egypt: Tut, tut, tut

For our first break of 2013 we decided that we'd get some diving in at the Red Sea. I'll pre-empt this entry by stating that this quick vacation was anything but a successful holid[...]

Dubai during Ramadan

For the first time in the past three years, Ramadan has been a significantly quiet time in Dubai. The roads have been desolate and the summer exodus has been noticeable as expa[...]

Qualified Divers

Well, it's official; Kirsten and I are now officially certified open water divers. We completed the course and training as part of our  latest vacation in the Maldives under th[...]

Maldivian hat-trick

We're starting to make a habit of coming to the Maldives; and who can resist because this place is just so amazing? For the first time, we're also not staying at the Four Seaso[...]

Hampshire Time

Reuniting after a few days apart (where I was in Liverpool watching football, and Kirsten was with her grandparents in Eastbourne) we wrapped up this English journey with a few[...]