Button Up!

After a long 4 mths, I have finally started my physiotherapy. My first session was last week with Judy and she put me through the paces by starting with my fingers. I think this has been the most suprising thing for me, it really neveroccured to me that I would break my forearm and my biggest challenge would be recovery of my fingers. We have a long way to go, another 9 sessions and the operation to get the metal pins out, and then we shall see where are. In an effort to follow Judy’s stern instructions to keep the hand as active as possible, I decided to get my inner ‘Martha Stewart’ out and do some sewing, which I had been putting off for an age. All the clothes with missing buttons where piled on my dining table and I got to it. I have to say I am not the neatest sewer in the world, but you know doing such a basic household chore does make you feel kind of nostalgic for the good old days when you would watch your grandmother forever baking or threading needles. Sometimes its nice to just sit and do something simple for a couple of hours, away from the TV, gossip mags, shops and other ‘noise’ we find ourselves in at the weekends. And I have the added benefit of being able to wear some really nice tops which had found themseleves buttonless at the back of the wardrobe. Long live Martha!

It’s Steamy…

Ok so Gwyneth Paltrow was on Oprah the other week and her top recommendation for ladies in the kitchen was “You have got to get a good food steamer”. Well after some consideration, research and hunting around in the shops, we found a fantastic food steamer the other day, and what a little foodie revolution it has been. It is so clever that you can put a ton of different items into one steamer, in different compartments, set timers for each item, turn on, and let the steamer figure out in what order its going to cook the various items, to ensure all the food is cooked and finished at the same time! It is one of the easiest kitchen devises in the world and hey presto we are eating the healthiest and yummiest food!! It steams everything to perfection, cooked but with a little bit of crunch and full of flavour. It’s an all around winner. Thanks Gwyneth! With a body like hers how can you not take this woman’s diet recommendations seriously!

Heaven in the Maldives

Well we are just back from our 2nd trip to the Maldives, and we had an amazing time. Broken arm and all! The weather was fantastic, infact we had to keep watching we didn’t get sunburnt (never an attractive look). The sea was still as brilliant blue as always, and we had all of 10mins on the island (Four Seasons Landaa Giavarru) before we were being whisked off to another island a few minutes away, on beautiful speedboat to go swim with the Manta Rays. Such elegant and calm creatures, we were lucky enough to swim with about 30-40 of them, and as fed on the plankton they narrowly swam past us missing us by millimeters.
The whole week was fantastic, and we spent 60% or more of our time their with our head under water, submersed in the fascinating and quirky world of the coral reefs.
A super romantic wedding anniversary, we had a private dinner on the beach under a blanket of stars sipped Louis Roederer champagne, ahh life is good to us sometimes.

Moving on and up

After a rather quiet Christmas, we are well into the new year and are finally getting back into a routine. All boxes are unpacked and everything has found a space in the new house. I finally have a bath tub which I absolutely love and can finally use all the bath luxuries I have been secretly buying and stashing away for all these years. The house feels like home already, although I am for some reason acutely aware that we are renting and its not OUR home. But at least its a nice interim home. The layout is great with a open bar kitchen going to our dining room so really lovely and easy when we have friends over. Mars and I have our own seperate studies, which is just lovely and I can finally spread out a bit with all by creatives bits and bobs and not mention I actually have a desk in this house where I can work in a professional manner. The garden is very “new” the grass is down and the plants are in but compared to our last place where we had been for 6yrs or so, and the tress and plants where cowering over our little house, here I don’t think we have anything yet over 5ft! So as much as I will enjoy seeing things grow I do miss our huge over whelming trees. But it will take time – I just hope we don’t have to move out of here just as the trees are at a reasonable height.
Mr Tapi has learnt a new and exciting skill, of how to use a cat flap – and its quote ridiculous how the novelty has still not worn off after 3 weeks. He still pops out and then within 10 seconds pops back in again, and then proceeds to repeat this at least 8 times a night, just to make sure its still working and the flap let’s him out whenever he wants. We have a open park area behind the house, so that’s lovely and our bedroom faces it directly so its lovely to wake up in the morning and see an expanse of green as opposed to to just sand. Now all we need to do is actually get in the routine of exercising and then we shall be really feel like we have got our act together. Will keep you posted! xx