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Button Up!

After a long 4 mths, I have finally started my physiotherapy. My first session was last week with Judy and she put me through the paces by starting with my fingers. I think this ha[...]

It's Steamy...

Ok so Gwyneth Paltrow was on Oprah the other week and her top recommendation for ladies in the kitchen was "You have got to get a good food steamer". Well after some consideration,[...]

Heaven in the Maldives

Well we are just back from our 2nd trip to the Maldives, and we had an amazing time. Broken arm and all! The weather was fantastic, infact we had to keep watching we didn't get sun[...]

Moving on and up

After a rather quiet Christmas, we are well into the new year and are finally getting back into a routine. All boxes are unpacked and everything has found a space in the new house.[...]